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Antibacterial effect of watery crude plants extract and antibiotics sensitivity

Authors: Zahrah Adnan Diakhil --- Abtasam Basher and Deana Baism
Journal: Misan Journal of Acodemic Studies مجلة ميسان للدراسات الاكاديمية ISSN: 1994697X Year: 2016 Volume: 15 Issue: 29 Pages: 90-98
Publisher: Misan University جامعة ميسان


AbstractThe objective of the present study was to investigate antimicrobial activity a number of Origanum spp, Slavia spp and Syzygium spp extract raw dried on normal flora and pathogenic bacteria. The study was done in the collage of sciences in missan city . The isolates was E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus and pathogenic bacteria was Klebsiella. Pathogenic bacteria Klebsiella were isolated from patients sever from ulcer skin and identified by biochemical test and two types of bacteria as normal flora E.coli from stool sample and Staphylococcus from nose then plants were extracted and tested by disc diffusion methods also antibiotics was done. The Staphylococcus is sensitive to ciprofloxacin (CIP) (27mm) than amikacin (AK) (22mm) in diameter and resistant to anther antibiotics. Klebsiella resistant all of antibiotics except Amikacin (23mm) in diameter. The Origanum spp, Saliva spp have no effect on all normal flora and pathogen bacteria but Syzygium spp is more effective.Key words: Antimicrobial agents, plant extracts, Origanum spp, Slavia spp , Syzygium spp, antimicrobial activity.

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