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Comparative Study of Pulse Shaping Filters in FBMC

Authors: Hadi T. Ziboon --- Mohammed Kasim Al-Haddad
Journal: IRAQI JOURNAL OF COMPUTERS,COMMUNICATION AND CONTROL & SYSTEMS ENGINEERING المجلة العراقية لهندسة الحاسبات والاتصالات والسيطرة والنظم ISSN: 18119212 Year: 2019 Volume: 19 Issue: 2 Pages: 30-40
Publisher: University of Technology الجامعة التكنولوجية


Filter Bank Multicarrier (FBMC) is a multitone modulationtechnique that is expected to replace the Orthogonal Frequency DivisionMultiplexing (OFDM) due to its inherent characteristics that makes it immuneto channel dispersive effect on the transmitted signal in both time andfrequency. The most effective ingredient in the FBMC is the pulse shaping thatthe OFDM symbol lacks. In this paper, a comparative study is presentedbetween different pulse shapes used in the FBMC like the RRC, PHYDIAS,IOTA and Hermite function alongside the conventional OFDM.

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