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Role of Fibrillin-3on Fertilization Capacity in Pregnant and Non Pregnant Women

Authors: Saad S. Al-Dujaily --- Wafaa Mohammed Abed
Journal: Iraqi Journal of Embryos and Infertility Researches المجلة العراقية لبحوث الأجنة والعقم ISSN: eISSN: 26166984 / pISSN: 22180265 Year: 2014 Volume: 4 Issue: 1 Pages: 13-17
Publisher: Al-Nahrain University جامعة النهرين


ackgroundFibrillin- 3 is a recently discovered hormone .However, there are no studies till now regarding the role of fibrillin-3 hormone on fertilization capacity in infertile pregnant and non-pregnant women.ObjectivesThe goals of this study are concentrated on the fertilization capacity parameters by examining the effect of in vivo concentration of fibrillin-3 hormone on the ovarians status at different menstrual cycle phases and to elucidate the correlation between the levels of this hormone with pregnant and non -pregnant women following Intra­ uterine insemination (IUI) outcome or through natural pregnancy .MethodsSixty infertile couples were involved in this prospective study. The couples were divided according to the type of insemination and ovulation induction program into two groups Group(1): Thirty spouses were subjected to induced ovulation stimulation by using clomiphene citrate(CC) and recommended for natural coitus. Group(2): Thirty couples, the females were induced ovulation stimulation by CC,Gonal F-751U/ml and Fostimon 501U/ml with IUI. Measurements of Fibrillin-3 with other reproductive hormones were done at different phases of menstrual cycle and for pregnant and non-pregnant women following natural coitus and IUI.ResultsThe mean offibrillin-3 hormone level at day 2 of menstrual cycle was 3.7ng/ml (ranged from 3.50 to3 .91) in the two groups. The mean of fibrillin-3 hormone at cycle day 13 was 6.6ng/ml( ranged from 5.83to 7.0). Whereas , The basal level of Fibrillin-3 at 14 days post insemination was 3.3ng/ml. The range is from 2.76,395 to 3.29 ng/ml. There was no significant difference inthe mean of Fibrillin-3hormone between pregnant and non-pregnant women through the phases of menstrual cycle or between the two groups, but there isa significant value between fibrillin-3 post insemination and E2 day 2 and day 13 P<0.05.ConclusionThe present study concluded that Fibrillin -3 hormone has no role in pregnancy, but it may have a main relationship with estrogens reaction in folliculogenesis , oocyte maturation and follicular contents. Therefore, this hormone may be one of the new hormones that interfere with fertilization capacity


Fibrillim-3 --- Women --- Pregnancy --- Fertilization

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