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تأثير البورون والبوتاسيوم في نمو وحاصل الكتان


The experiment was conducted out at the College farm of Basic Education-Mosul University. during the seasons of 2007 2008 and 2008 2009 in at two locations in salty loam soil. The experiment included two factors, the first, four levels of Potassium fertilizer (0, 20, 40 and 60) kg K /.ha add as the form of potassium sulfate, and the second, three levels of boron fertilizer (0, 0.5 and 1) kg B / ha add as the form of boric acid. using randomized complete block design (R.C.B.D) with three replicates. The objectives of this experiment were to study the effect potassium and boron fertilizer by adding them to the soil on growth and yield of flax. The results showed that the use of potassium fertilizer with 40 kg K/ ha or boron fertilizer with 0.5kg B/ ha or their interactions caused a significant increase in the following parameters: no. of fruiting branches / plant, No. of capsules / plant, and no. of seeds / capsule. Where as with potassium fertilizer at 40 and 60 kg K / ha or boron fertilizer with 1kg B / ha or their interactions showed significant increase in wt.of 1000seed and the yield of seeds and oil. It considered that the temperature and amount of rainfall are the critical factors determining the yield of flax seed and oil. Increased the potassium fertilizer adding to the soil had a positive response to boron effect in the plant. The estimated correlation coefficients (r) were positively and significant between no, of capsules / plant with each: no. of seeds / capsule. 1000 seed wt., seed and oil yield.

اجريت الدراسة في حقل كلية التربية الاساسية في مدينة الموصل - محافظة نينوى ، وشملت دراسة ابعة مستويات من البوتاسيوم وثلاثة مستويات من البورون والتي اضيفت الى التربة لدراسة تأثيرها على نمو وحاصل الكتان ، واشارت النتائج الى ان اضافة السماد البوتاسي بمقدار 40 كغم / هـ او البورون بمقدار 0.5 كغم / هـ او التداخل بينهما قد ادى الى زيادة معنوية في عدد من الصفات المدروسة ومنها عدد الافرع الثمرية / نبات وعدد الكبسولات / نبات وعدد البذور / كبسولة، كما ادت الاضافات المتزايدة من السماد البوتاسي الى التربة الى زيادة استجابة النبات لتأثير البورون .......

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