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Numerical Model for the Study of the Velocity DependenceOf the Ionisation Growth in Gas Discharge Plasma

Author: Noori H.N.Al-Hashimi, Jassim T.Mahdi and Fahmi S. Radhi
Journal: Journal of Basrah Researches (Sciences) مجلة ابحاث البصرة ( العلميات) ISSN: 18172695 Year: 2011 Volume: 37 Issue: 5A Pages: 30-38
Publisher: Basrah University جامعة البصرة


The influence of the velocity on the development of the ionisation has been investigated for the study-state plasma. The cascade ionisation (represented by a constant ionisation coefficient) was assumed to occur over a finite length of an infinite cylinder and the only loss processes considered over this length were electron diffusion. The calculation has been carried out for an open cylinder by using a two dimensional numerical model. The required cascade ionisation, to sustain a given plasma density, has been calculated as a function of velocity.

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