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Intelligent Age Estimation From Facial Images Using Machine Learning Techniques

Authors: Asaad R. Kareem --- Ayad R. Abbas
Journal: Iraqi Journal of Science المجلة العراقية للعلوم ISSN: 00672904/23121637 Year: 2018 Volume: 59 Issue: 2A Pages: 724-732
Publisher: Baghdad University جامعة بغداد


Lately, a growing interest has been emerging in age estimation from face images because of the wide range of potential implementations in law enforcement, security control, and human computer interactions. Nevertheless, in spite of the advances in age estimation, it is still a challenging issue. This is due to the fact that face aging process is not only set by distinct elements, such as genetic factors, but by extrinsic factors, such as lifestyle, expressions, and environment as well. This paper applied machine learning technique to intelligent age estimation from facial images using J48 classifier on FG_NET dataset. The proposed work consists of three phases; the first phase is image preprocessing which include five stages: gray scale image, noise removable, face detection, image size normalization and clipping process. The second phase is a data mining process which includes three stages: feature extraction, feature selection and classification using j48 classifier. The third phase includes two stages, estimation and evaluation. FG-NET dataset is used which is divided into three classes; first class represents (3-7), (26-30) ages and this class represents the ages from 3 to 7 years and from 26 to 30 years because this class have four attributes from any one of this images, second class represents (8-25) ages and this class represents the ages from 8 to 25 years because this class have five attributes from any one of this images, last class represents (31-50) ages and have nine attributes from any one of this images. The Experimental results illustrate that the proposed system can give results with high precision and low time complexity. The practical evaluation of the proposed system gives accuracy up to 89.13 % with time taken of 0.023.

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