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Evaluation of Significance of Prolonged Liquefaction Time of Semen in Hypofertile Men

Author: Siddeek B Mar'ie
Journal: Iraqi Academic Scientific Journal المجلة العراقية للاختصاصات الطبية ISSN: 16088360 Year: 2016 Volume: 15 Issue: 3 Pages: 328-333
Publisher: The Iraqi Borad for Medical Specialization المجلس العراقي للاختصاصات الطبية


ABSTRACT:BACKGROUND: Until now most of the references adopt a sixty-minute liquefaction time as a guideline for normality in general semen analysis. During the last twenty years of interest in these patients, we found that there is a correlation between primary hypofertility, prolonged liquefaction time and therefore delayed conception worthy for this study. This study represent a clinical biometric case series on (284) patients consulting an outpatient urology clinic with primary hypofertility during the last ten years in Mosul.OBJECTIVE: To signify the impact of prolonged liquefaction time of semen on fertility potential of primary hypofertile men, including its relation with the delay of conception and other semen parameters.PATIENTS AND METHODS: Married males who are sexually healthy supposed to have healthy partners with no pregnancy who were not using any method of contraception. Patients should give their semen for analysis in the laboratory by masturbation. All patients should have at least two separate samples to be analyzed, with not less than 7 days apart. Collected data included age in years and duration of delayed conception in months. Semen parameters collected were: volume in milliliters (ml), liquefaction time in minutes, concentration (density) in millions/milliliters, motility in percentage, and morphology in percentage.RESULTS: The mean age of people in our sample was 29.7 years, mean volume of semen was 2.9 ml, mean liquefaction time was 26 minutes, the mean sperm density was 32.9 millions/ml, while the mean activity percentage was 31.2%, the mean percentage of the normal sperms was 61.9% and the mean duration of delay in conception was 33.7 months. There was a very highly significant correlation of prolonged liquefaction time with impaired motility, and morphology, and a significant correlation with sperm concentration. Also there was a linear positive relationship between prolonged LT in minutes and delayed conception in months, but it was more prominent in those hypofertile men who failed to conceive for ≥ 36 months.CONCLUSION: The prolonged liquefaction time has a possible role as a cause of delay in conception in hypofertile men, and has a significant relationship to defects in other semen parameters.

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