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Evaluation of related factors affecting stability and survival rate of dental implants (meta-analysis of retrospective study)


Aims: evaluate survival rate of dental implants. Determine correlations between bonedensity and stability. Determine which intervention to dental implant that increasestability.Materials and methods: Retrospective study of patients receiving implants in dentalimplant unit in educational hospital of collage of dentistry /Baghdad Universityduring period October 2012- October 2015. Individual data meta-analysis ofimplants stability using different interventions, which Are bone morphogeneticproteins, immediate dental implant, Ridge splitting, simvastatin drug, Platelet-Rich Plasma, Piezosurgery and control group.Results: survival rate was 98.33%. Implant length and posterior location statisticallysignificant effect on achieving high stability in control group. Posterior locationstatistically significant increase primary stability. After 2 months of surgerycomparing interventions and control group show simvastatin(P<0.001) increasestability and among variables diameter, length and mandibular locationstatistically significant increase stability. After 3 month simvastatin(P<0.001) andBone morphogenetic proteins(P=0.005) increase stability and mandibular location,length and diameter increase stability. After 4 months Piezosurgery statisticallysignificant lowering stability (P=0.004), and diameter statistically significantincrease stability.Conclusions: High survival rate achieved. No significant effect of variables onfailure rate of implants. Simvastatin and Bone morphogenetic proteins reducehealing time and improve stability but Piezosurgery lowering stability comperedto control. Posterior location affected primary stability but length and diameterincrease secondary stability. Bone density had no effect on primary and secondarystability.

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