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Evaluation of thyroid function at different stages of pregnancy in Iraqi women.


Abstract:The evaluation of thyroid function of either hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism should beassessed by determination of serum Triiodothyronine (T3),Thyroxin (T4) and Thyroid StimulatingHormone (TSH). Due to specific conditions related to the pregnancy period, there are variousalterations accompanied this stage of life. Some changes required due to physiological demandsof pregnancy. Thyroid function was studied by determination of thyroid hormones using highsensitiveEnzyme Linked Immune sorbent Assay (ELISA) technique in 35 pregnant Iraqi women.The study group comprised 35 full term pregnant women scheduled follows up the alterations ofthyroid hormones, while the control group included 30 healthy women volunteers. Serumconcentrations levels of total T3 (TT3), total T4 (TT4) & (TSH) were estimated using (ELISA)technique. In the study group, blood samples were obtained during various stages of monthlyperiod of pregnancy.Mean age of the study group was (27±5) years, and that of controls were (25±3)years. Infirst trimester: serum TT3 & TT4 levels were significantly higher than that in controls[1.2134±0.0445 vs. 1.0583±0.2439 ng/mL and 8.5266±0.4545 vs 7.0466±1.4460 μ gm/dLrespectively while TSH levels were significantly lower than that of control 2.3866 ±0.3087 vs3.3466±1.3396 μIU/mL; P< 0.05]. In second trimester, there were continuously increase inconcentrations levels of TT3, and TT4 than that in control but TSH significantly was decreased[1.347±0.0191 vs 1.0583±0.2439 ng/ml, 9.5923±0.31005 vs 7.0466±1.4460 μ gm/dL and1.6733±0.1469 vs 3.3466±1.3396 μ IU/mL; P< 0.05]. In third trimester, TT3 showed significantfall [1.2833±0.0447 vs. 1.0583±0.2439 ng/ml and the levels of TT4 significantly increased10.3213±0.0914 vs 7.0466±1.4460 μ gm /dL while TSH significantly decreased1.2685±0.0390 vs3.3466±1.3396 μIU/mL and; P< 0.05]. All alterations, the TT3 in first trimester was risesignificantly, and it was significantly fall in third trimester. TSH was significant fall in thirdtrimester .Conclusion that during pregnancy seemed to be significantly influenced by stresspresent during pregnancy.

الخلاصة:ان تقیم وظیفة الغدة الدرقیة من ناحیة كثرة او قلة افراز ھرمون الثایروكسین یعتمد على قیاس تركیز ال(ثایرونینفي مصل الدم. (TSH) أوالھرمون المحفز للغدة الدرقیة (TT أوالثایروكسین( 4 (TT ثلاثي الیود) ( 3خلال فترة الحمل یوجد الكثیر من التغیرات الوظائفیة حسب متطلبات الحمل، حیث تتأثر وظیفة الغدة الدرقیةاثناءالحمل.في مصل الدم باستعمال جھاز TSH وTT و 3 TT درست وظیفة الغدة الدرفیة اثناء الحمل عن طریق قیاس تركیز ال 4على 35 حامل من النساءالعراقیات. (ELISA) ال

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