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Aviation Risk Management to Forecast ,Evaluate Lufthansa Airline's Share Price
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This article describes a study that goals to provide the whole scientific basis for application of Aviation Risk Management (ARM) for Lufthansa airline. The present study has appraised the use of many instrument and pointers that would be suitable integration into ARM. Aviation Risk Management element, outcomes show that E-views statically models of forecasting are convenient outfits to help a Lufthansa to evaluate price share .The tool ARM includes processes that have been evaluated during this research: correlation coefficients, prediction, forecasting and focused on an analysis of share price of Lufthansa. Search Results showed that the share prices of the Lufthansa airline are within the confidence limits (correlation coefficient at 0.84) In other words, that prices will be stable ( next three years) in the absence of the Company's exposure to risks as a result of external disasters, the company should take precautions to meet these challenges and to maintain and raise the share prices in the capital market.

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