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Detection and Estimation of Vitamin D2 in Catharanthus Roseus by HPLC and other Molecular Spectra Instruments as A Source of Vitamin D3 Production

Authors: Mohammed Abbood Ayyash --- Mufeed Jalil Ewadh --- Nisreen Jalal Mohammed
Journal: Medical Journal of Babylon مجلة بابل الطبية ISSN: 1812156X 23126760 Year: 2016 Volume: 13 Issue: 2 Pages: 468 -480
Publisher: Babylon University جامعة بابل


Vitamin D is one of fat-soluble vitamins, considered a steroid hormone. It is regulate and responsible for improving the metabolism and absorption of calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, and phosphate in small intestine.SHIMADZU High-Performance Liquid Chromatography was used for qualitative and quantitative estimation of vitamin D2 in aqueous extracted of Catharanthus Roseus plant; (20µl, 2.5 IU/gm) standard material of pure vitamin D2 (Ergocalciferol) injected and measured at reference conditions to fix retention time (RT), then 20µlof extracted plant sample was injected and measured at the same conditions. An intensive analysis conducted on aqueous, alcoholic extract and dry powder of plant leaves using modern and sophisticated instruments. Quantitative results from HPLC shows thatVit.D2 in drying weight of plant up to 187.840 IU/gm. Qualitative results from HPLC, UV-VIS, IR, ATR-FTIR shows match the effective groups of pure standard Vit.D2 and alcoholic extract, dry powder of C. Roseus plant.This study aimed to investigate the presence of vitamin D2 in C. Roseus, in addition to qualitative and quantitative detection in aqueous, alcoholic extract, and dry powder of plant leavesto use it in practical as a major source for Vit. D3 production in industrial scale; in order to use it in the medical, pharmaceutical and what is called alternative medicine (Herbs) fields.

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