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Charity, Tenderness-Based Moral Education and Cultural Security

Author: Asst.Prof.Dr.Ahmad Deylami
Journal: AL-AMEED JOURNAL مجلة العميد ISSN: 22270345 23119152 Year: 2017 Volume: 6 Issue: 4 Pages: 96-107
Publisher: Shiite Endowment ديوان الوقف الشيعي


Explosion-like access of information, communications, and socialmedia have brought about instant cultural exchanges. In itself ofa tool-like nature, it can potentially be in the service of the good orevil. Availability of harmful data, represented by tempting appearancethat instigate people to follow carnal desires, and sharpen andkindle more sagacious people’s desires, it urges people, and especiallythe religious people, to find cures for this unfavorable massphenomenon.Hence, the question: What is the easiest and most accessibleway for prevention, cure, and providing cultural security for the humanand spiritual resources and capitals? The present paper focuseson the notion of moral education based on tenderness and charityas the fastest and firmest ways for achieving cultural security, particularlybased on the Quranic and Ahl al-Bayt legacies. This methodnever contradicts the minimal legal and state-based requirements;however, these requirements should be designed and practiced accordingto charity/ tenderness-based moral education strategies.

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