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Objective assessment tool of pharmacist skills

Journal: Muthanna Medical Journal مجلة المثنى الطبية ISSN: 2226146x Year: 2015 Volume: 2 Issue: 1 Pages: 39-45
Publisher: Al-Muthanna University جامعة المثنى


The objective of this study is to assess the pharmacist skills and focus on the certain important defects in pharmacist work up and possible causes for these defects and suitable resolution ways. A cross sectional study was involved fourteen pharmacists in two government hospitals in al-Muthana, Iraq. Ten pharmacist in hospital A and Four in hospital B and include collection of data over one week of April 2015. In this study we concentrate on following vital activities (VA.s) with high importance in production of sufficient health services: pharmacist daily tour with the specialist doctors and active participation in patient's management; observation of patient's records including prescribed treatment; with determination of any mistake e.g. (doses, interactions, presence of contraindications or cautions); regulation of drugs administration in proper way; helping of specialist doctors to find suitable substitution for unavailable drug; presentation or attending at the scientific lectures about medical treatments and new sorts of drugs. The assessment of these Vital activities (VAs) is presented as value from hundred percent. Regarding the hospitals A and B the study show poor (< 50 %) average results of the pharmacists five vital activities, that was mentioned in the methods above. There is significant defect in the pharmacist’s performance that is multifactorial in origin and assessment activities should be sequenced throughout effective program to produce most applicable resolutions

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