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Study Torsion Capacity of Epoxy -Glass Fiber Composites

Authors: N. A. Abas --- H. I. Jafar --- F.T. Mohammed Noori
Journal: Al-Nahrain Journal of Science مجلة النهرين للعلوم ISSN: (print)26635453,(online)26635461 Year: 2011 Volume: 14 Issue: 1 Pages: 109-114
Publisher: Al-Nahrain University جامعة النهرين


In this study, torsion test was performed in order to examine the mechanical behaviors of epoxy
and an epoxy reinforced by two types of glass fibers (chopped and yarn) composite rod. The stressstrain
curves were constituted and examined in order to show the elastic and plastic regions, the
yield point was 23.226o and 34.837o angle of twist for epoxy and epoxy /fibers respectively which
is the same for both chopped and yarn glass fibers epoxy, from this test it was found that the epoxy
rod initially yielded first, the cracks propagation in composite rod along the fibers direction, which
caused eventually the delimitation of composite chopped and yarn glass fibers from the epoxy
matrix. Then the white regions appear in composite rod and finally the fiber breakage and the
catastrophic failure took place.

تم في هذه الدراسة انجاز فحص عزم الالتواء لفحص السلوك الميكانيكي للايبوكسي ومتراكباته المدعمة بنوعين من الياف الزجاج (مقطع وخيوط), وتبين من انجاز منحيات الاجهاد- الانفعال كل من المناطق اللدنة والمرنة وكانت نقطة الخضوع23.2260و34.8370 للكل من الايبوكسي ومتراكباته على التوالي حيث انها متشابهة لايبوكسي-الياف زجاج مقطع وخيوط, ومن هذا الاختبار وجد ان قضيب الايبوكسي يخضع اولا وان الشقوق تاخذ بالانتشار على طول وباتجاه االالياف في القضيب المتراكب مما يتسبب انفصال الياف الزجاج المقطع والخيوط من الايبوكسي وبالتالي تظهر مناطق بيضاء في قضيب المتراكب ثم ينكسر الليف وبذلك يحل الفشل.

Death when poets spinning in the Omayyad period
الموت عند شعراء الغزل في العصر الأموي

Authors: Jassim Abdul Wahid Rahi جاسم عبد الواحد راهي --- Muslim Malik AL-Asadi مسلم مالك بعير الأسدي
Journal: Mustansiriyah Journal of Arts مجلة آداب المستنصرية ISSN: 02581086 Year: 2016 Issue: 73 Pages: 1-32
Publisher: Al-Mustansyriah University الجامعة المستنصرية


Thankfully in the transcendent greatness mastermind of the things his will, and peace and blessings be upon His creation Brith ring prophets and His Messenger, and the divine from each house and Almentajabin of his companions.And yet ... In spite of the fact that death frequent and unusual phenomenon, especially that it is one of the axioms to the conscious mind, logical thinking, but it still holds a great deal of human thinking, especially poets of them, since the tragedy deepening whenever nearing the doors of his old age, and reached the end of its life ; became soon return to rest his soul he came from.But this verse is reflected in places graduated from known and scope of the subject have this dreaded object turns when a group of people to the companion is required, and is desirable and undesirable, the owner is looking for multiple ways, becoming more and more need, even equal to the amount of life and even beyond in some of its resources to demand wish to be collected, but upheld the mercy and eternal comfort and tranquility and let him.From here began a journey to find the submerged swirl poems of this group and we mean the (Umayyad poets spinning) to reveal the cause of the spread of this phenomenon have found that the perception of death, you were equal or not? Is specialize poets spinning virgin mother poets spinning perceived? Why not try a marked (b death when poets spinning in the Umayyad period).The idea of research was under the guidance of (Prof. Dr. Mohammed Hussein al-Khatib) who suggest this research urged to study this aspect when this group of poets, and in accordance with the requirements of the subject, which contained two demands and we mean them (death and spinning) has split Search on three topics: specialize first by showing them to Fezta death and spinning in the language and terminology.The second section devoted to talk about death as a topic of poetry, as well as overlapping contents when poets spinning.The third section relates to look for manifestations and cruel death when these poets and how they emerged through the poetic texts. Oakibna those detectives Conclusion Pena where the most important findings of the study, the most important highlight the big link between love and death and life Love man forget the suffering of a sense of self, anxiety and fear of death because it is human to forget the troubles sense of self and loss of love leads to a sense of alienation and loss, anxiety psychological and thought of death and annihilation.. Death became when poets spinning like a cross word does not mean anything for the poet. Because it really is dead because of the separation, but perhaps the death Sarahmh and brings him comfort, especially that he would give him freedom with the likes of his life in the other.. overlapped signify death with time when poets spinning and reflected on capillary action, which came Ontjoh poetry like an expression of what is going on Bjuatarham neighborhood of concerns made them think death two students coming perhaps shorten the duration of their torment worldly:List as well as the sources and references adopted by the research.However it must be noted that the study was confined to only seven poets RPR hair that mostly was in one purpose is spinning away from their hair in other Ogrdahm, even with Rod vocabulary death where and only a limited study in special requirement is the subject of research. Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds

على رغم من كون الموت ظاهرة متكررة ومعتادة، ولاسيما أنَّه يعد من البديهيات لدى العقل الواعي، والتفكير المنطقي، إلا أنَّه ما زال يشغل حيزاً كبيراً من تفكير الإنسان ولاسيما الشعراء منهم، إذ إنَّ مأساته تزداد عمقاً كلما شارف على أبواب شيخوخته, ووصل إلى نهاية عمره؛ وأصبح قريباً من العودة إلى ثراه الذي جاء منه.ولكن هذه الآية تتجلى في أماكن تخرج من عرفها ونطاقها الموضوع لها فإن هذا الكائن المخيف يتحول عند مجموعة من الناس إلى رفيق مطلوب, وأمر مستحب ومرغوب, يبحث عنه صاحبه بطرق متعددة, فتزداد حاجته, حتى يساوي في مقداره الحياة بل يتجاوزها في بعض موارده إلى مطلب يتمنون تحصيله بل يعدونه رحمة وراحة أبدية وسكينة ودعة.من هنا انطلقت رحلة البحث لتغمر عباب أشعار هذه المجموعة ونقصد بها (شعراء الغزل الأموي) لتكشف سبب تفشي هذه الظاهرة لديهم وتبين عن أن النظرة للموت, هل كانت متساوية أم لا؟ وهل أختص بها شعراء الغزل العذري أم شعراء الغزل المحسوس؟ ببحث موسوم بـ (الموت عند شعراء الغزل في العصر الأموي).وقد أبرز الصلة الكبيرة بين الحب والموت والحياة فالحب ينسي الإنسان ما يعانيه من إحساس بالذات والقلق والخوف من الموت لأنه ينسي الإنسان متاعب الشعور بالذات وفقدان الحب يؤدي إلى الشعور بالغربة والضياع والقلق النفسي والتفكير بالموت والفناء.لقد تداخلت دلالة الموت مع الزمن لدى شعراء الغزل وانعكس على العمل الشعري الذي أنتجوه فجاءت أشعارهم وكأنها تعبير حي عما يدور بخواطرهم من هموم جعلتهم يفكرون بالموت طالبين قدومه عله يقصر من مدة عذابهم الدنيوي. ومع هذا لابد من الإشارة إلى أن الدراسة انحصرت في سبعة شعراء فقط امتاز شعرهم بان اغلبه كان في غرض واحد هو الغزل مبتعدة عن شعرهم في أغرضهم الأخرى, حتى مع ورود مفردات الموت فيها وما ذلك إلا لتنحصر الدراسة في مطلب خاص هو موضوع البحث.

Big Data Techniques: A Survey

Authors: Jamal N. Hasoon جمال ناصر حسون --- Assist. Prof. Dr. Rehab Hassan د. رحاب فليح حسن
Journal: Iraqi Journal of Information Technology المجلة العراقية لتكنولوجيا المعلومات ISSN: 19948638/26640600 Year: 2019 Volume: 9 Issue: 4 Pages: 135-146
Publisher: iraqi association of information الجمعية العراقية لتكنولوجيا المعلومات


Big data refer to the large volume of data, it can be analyzed for strategic Developing and better decisions. Big Data applications exaggerate in near few years because a traditional data techniques be limited specification. Various types of distributions and technologies used to suffer the Big Data challenges are developed. A survey of recent technologies are review for Big Data. The main technologies features are studied enable to extract knowledge from Big Data. Such distributions have some limitations and may differ in offerings and capacities. The used technologies face the increasing multi-streams and Big Data challenges. In this work review the big data technologies and challenge.


Big Data --- Map --- Reduce --- Shuffle --- Hadoop --- HDFS --- YARN --- Internet of Things --- IoT

The Effect of nature on a bilateral of tolerance and extremism in An Andalusian yarn poem in AlTawaef and AlMurabiteen Times
أثر الطبيعة على ثنائية التسامح والتشدد في قصيدة الغزل الأندلسية عصري ملوك الطوائف والمرابطين

Authors: Assit prof. phd Abdul Karim Fadel Abdul Karim Al-Ani .م.د. عبد الكريم فاضل عبدالكريم --- Manal Abdul Hay Ibrahim منال عبد الحي ابراهيم
Journal: Research and Islamic Studies Journal مجلة البحوث والدراسات الاسلامية ISSN: 20712847 Year: 2018 Issue: 54 Pages: 277-308
Publisher: Directorate of Research and Studies / Sunni Endowment دائرة البحوث والدراسات /ديوان الوقف السني


The research aims to extrapolate the poetry texts of the Andalusian yarns within the modern poets of the sects and the Almoravids, to find out how the embodiment of nature and its expressions are signs of tolerance or the intensification of poets with the beloved, women are an aesthetic image as nature came; this research to study this negative relationship between tolerance and emphasis, According to the nature of the positions that the poet goes through in his relationship with the beloved, from near and the connection of wood and serenity or after and abandonment and repugnance, and all in his door, by focusing on the extrapolation of the texts of poetry and highlight the impact of nature tolerant or ardened.

La recherche vise à travers l'induction des textes poétiques érotiques d'andalousie sur les deux périodes des sectes et d'Almorabiteens, à comprendre en quoi incarner la nature et ses expressions, et des signes de tolérance ou d’intensité du poète avec le bien-aimé. Car la femme est une image esthétique comme celle de la nature; cette recherche alors étudie cette relation opposée entre la tolérance et l'intensité et selon la nature de ces positions que le poète a traversé dans sa relation intime avec le bien-aimé, de connexion de près, de sérénité ou après un abandon, une séparation, et une répugnance, et chaqu'un de ces sujets prend sa part parfait dans cette recherche, en se concentrant sur une induction déductive des textes poétiques et mettre en évidence l'impact tolérant et intensitif de la nature…

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