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Immunohitochemical Study of Anaplastic Lymphoma Kinase (ALK) Overexpression in Non-Small Cell Lung Carcinoma (NSCLC) and its Clinicopathological Correlation

Authors: Rawaa Ghalib Farhood --- Kaswer AL-tariahi --- Rihab Hameed Abdul-Sahieb
Journal: Medical Journal of Babylon مجلة بابل الطبية ISSN: 1812156X 23126760 Year: 2017 Volume: 14 Issue: 4 Pages: 649-656
Publisher: Babylon University جامعة بابل


Lung cancer is the most common cancer in men while is third highest incidence among women and is second after breast cancer in mortality. Most cases occur in older people in age 65 or older, while less than 2% are younger than 45. The pathogenesis of NSCLC is complex and developed in multistep process in which several gene mutations will occur and coordinate with each other in genotyping and phenotyping outcome. Non-small cell lung carcinomas (NSCLC) which represent 85% of all lung cancers, it represents the most common type, usually grows and spreads more slowly than other types, histologically is divided into Adenocarcinoma (ADC), Squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) and large cell carcinoma (LCC). Its incidence and mortality rates vary markedly around the world. The aim of this study was to assess Anaplastic Lymphoma Kinase (ALK) over expression in Non-small cell lung carcinomas (NSCLC) and its correlation with type, grade and stage of the tumor.Forty cases of NSCLC was included in this study, collected randomly from the period of February 2016- April 2017 from Al-Harirey Teaching Hospital in Baghdad and Al-Sadder Teaching Hospital in Al-Najaf governate. The (40) patients (22 male and 18 females) of NSCLC, their median age 58.3 years range from (34-80) years. A group of 12 cases with benign brain tissue were included as a control group. A manual Envision procedure was used in the imunohistochemical analysis (Dako Cytomation Copenhagen, Denmark). ALK over expression was positive in (12.5%) of NSCLC, ALK immunohistochemical staining was more in ADC than SCC and its not correlated with grade and stage of NSCLC. These finding support the role of ALK in carcinogenesis of ADC and less commonly SCC of the lung.

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