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The Role of FNAC in the Diagnosis of Breast Lumps in Karbala…………………………………………….....

Author: Dr. Ali A. Ali
Journal: Karbala Journal of Medicine مجلة كربلاء الطبية ISSN: 19905483 Year: 2009 Volume: 2 no.6, 7 Issue: 4 Pages: 443-446
Publisher: Kerbala University جامعة كربلاء


objectives:The aim of this study is to find out the sensitivity of FNAC in the diagnosis ofbreast lumps in Kar bala.Patients & Methods: This is a clinical study of FNAC of breast lumps done in ALHusseinTeaching Hospital in Karbala, from May 2005-May 2007. FNAC findings werecorrelated with the histopathological findings of the excised lump of the same patient todetermine the sensitivity of FNAC.Results: Eighty five cases were included in the study, one male and eighty four females. The agerange was between 20-70 years. Benign cases composed 52.9% (45 patients) while malignantcases were 47.1% (40 patients) of the total number of patients. Sensitivity was 92%.Conclusion: FNAC of the breast is a simple, , highly sensitive test . It can minimize the need foropen biopsy, and is recommended as a routine test for determining benign or malignant lesions incorrelation with clinical examination and imaging procedures.Key Words: FNAC, breast lumps, breast disease diagnosis, breast lumps in Karbala.

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