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Study The Impact Of Utilization Magnetically Treated Water With Different Intensities On Carcass Specification and Productive Performance Of MaleLambs Awassi.

Author: MuaadAbdul-Sahib
Journal: Euphrates Journal of Agriculture Science مجلة الفرات للعلوم الزراعية ISSN: 38752072 Year: 2016 Volume: 8 Issue: 4 Pages: 63-68
Publisher: Al-kasim University جامعة القاسم الخضراء


This study was carried out in sheep's and goat breeding station in Abu graib general authority for agriculture research to study the Effect of the magnetically treated water with different intensities with drinking water on carcass specification and production performance of Male Lambs Awassi.Our experiment was using twenty four male lambs, randomly divided into three equal group, eight lambs in each group .The first group (control) was given a normal tap water without magnetic-treatment second group(T1) was treated with magnetic water by power (1500 gauss),and the third group(T2) was kept as the second group but by power (2500 gauss),At the end of the experiment three lambs were selected from each treatment for slaughtering to study carcass specification .The results were showed higher significant (p<0.05) of treatment (T1,T2) in some qualities of economics , as well as in residues of carcass after slaughter , except the weight ratio of spleen testes and kidney that were higher significant (p<0.05) to control ,and not significant (p<0.05) among different treatments in the physical inventory of the three ribs cuts 9,10 and 11(except lean ratio which was superior in the treatment T1,T2) . T2 group was significantly high active in all characteristic as compared with control group.

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