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Violations of international private security companies to the humanitarian international law & international criminal law in Iraq
انتهاكات الشركات الأمنية الدولية الخاصة للقانونين الدولي الإنساني والدولي الجنائي في العراق


Abstract It is no secret to any Tracker for the activities of the companies international private security in Iraq, which has already been contracted by the U.S. side and British in their occupation of Iraq in 2003 in order to perform certain tasks is to protect and secure the armed forces of both the United States and Britain, and some foreign dignitaries and Iraqi embassies and staff and the headquarters of some international organizations, corporations and oil wells It may be associated with what was carried out by those companies in Iraq committed numerous violations of international humanitarian law specifically for each contained in the four Geneva Conventions of 1949 and their two Additional Protocols of 1977, as committed those companies at the hands of their employees very serious violations of the right of the provisions of international criminal law committing crimes of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity. It has turned out after the exercise of these companies for their activities in Iraq, he participated in combat operations alongside U.S. forces as well as security services responsible for the submission and due to lack of education in law for its employees, as regards the provisions of international humanitarian law and the criminal commits these violations against these two bills, but they invoked about it that they were performing the tasks entrusted to them and the problem is that the Iraqi authorities have not been able to firmly hold them accountable and punished, but they are far from the most to the enjoyment of immunity

ملخص البحث في الحروب يكون من العادة أن تمارس القوات المسلحة النظامية للدول المتنازعة العمليات القتالية كما يدخل في ممارستها كذلك بعض فئات المرتزقة والجماعات المسلحة إلا أن ما أنتشر حديثاً هو مشـاركة بعض الشركات الخاصة في ذلك وهي الشــركات العسـكرية والأمنية الخاصة ( )، ولربما يكون مقبولاً مشاركة الشركات العسكرية الخاصة في عمليات القتال وهذا يتضح من تسميتها على الأقل أما مشاركة الشركات الأمنية الخاصة في ذلك فهو مما لا يتناسب مع الأغراض الأمنية التي من أجلها أُسست ، وفي الحقيقة فأن لا هذه ولا تلك بعيدتان عن أرتكاب ما يعد أنتهاكاً للقانون الدولي الإنساني أو القانون الدولي الجنائي.

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