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Qualitative evaluation and delineation of some wells water for land Al-Jazeeramanagement and development in shirqat region
تقييم وتحديد صلاحية بعض مياه الابار لادارة وتطوير اراضي الجزيرة في منطقة الشرقاط

Author: Aiad Abdullah khalaf AL-Duliam اياد عبدالله خلف الدليمي
Journal: Tikrit Journal for Agricultural Sciences مجلة تكريت للعلوم الزراعية ISSN: 18131646 Year: 2014 Volume: 14 Issue: 1 Pages: 109-123
Publisher: Tikrit University جامعة تكريت


The aim of the study to evaluation some wells water for land Al-Jazeeramanagement and development in various region from shirqat Al-Jazeera. The choose location Al-Msehly, AL-Jumiala, and Tlool- Albaj as optical location in this studies. Preparation and chosen soil pedons in each location(exploitation cultivate and non exploitation cultivate) and described morphological. The collected soil samples from each horizons and brought to laboratory for measurement some soil physical and chemical properties, and collected wells water samples and measurement of ionic soluble and applied on these some indicators which included (SAR, adj.SAR, Na%, PS, TDS, RSC). Results indicated that wells water were classified C4S1 and C4S2 and the values of these indicators above was higher in Al-Jumiala location where reached(6.74, 17.38, 44.44, 48.90, -48.60, 5266 ) respectively in exploitation location . Results indicated that increase in EC where reached (9.98, 3.52, 3.48) respectively for exploitation cultivate while it was lower in non exploitation cultivate , there is also increase in the CaCO3, CaSO4.2H2O, and O.M. in soil pedons exploitation cultivate and decrease pH, and that increase in value bulk density but decrease in porosity for exploitation locations cultivated compared with non exploitation cultivated. It was also noted that there is a negative impact to the quality of water in some morphological characteristics of the soil, especially soil-structure. Thus, the study emphasizes the importance of a style and management system in compatiblewith the characteristics of soil and water.

تهدف الدراسة لتقييم صلاحية بعض مياه الابار لادارة وتطوير بعض اراضي الجزيرة في مناطق مختلفة من جزيرة الشرقاط ، حيث اختيرت مواقع المسيحلي والجميلة وتلول الباج كمواقع للدراسة ، واظهرت النتائج بان مياه الابار صنفت ضمن C4S1 و C4S2 وكانت قيم هذه المؤشرات اعلاه عالية في موقع جميلة واقلها في في المواقع غير المستغلة ...... كما ولوحظ بان هناك تأثير سلبي لنوعية مياه الابار في بعض الصفات المورفولوجية لاسيما بناء التربة ، وبالتالي فان الدراسة تؤكد على اهمية اتباع اسلوب ونظام ادارة يتلاءم مع خصائص المياه والتربة .

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