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Laparoscopic Management of Symptomatic Renal Cysts

Author: Saad D. Farhan
Journal: Iraqi Academic Scientific Journal المجلة العراقية للاختصاصات الطبية ISSN: 16088360 Year: 2010 Volume: 9 Issue: 2 Pages: 163-168
Publisher: The Iraqi Borad for Medical Specialization المجلس العراقي للاختصاصات الطبية


ABSTRACT:BACKGROUND:Simple renal cysts are common, with incidence increasing with age. Symptomatic renal cysts have traditionally been initially treated by percutaneous aspiration with or without injection of sclerosant agents; however, this has a high rate of recurrence.Open surgical cyst decortication for pain relief through a flank or chevron incision is associated with considerable morbidity and protracted convalescence.OBJECTIVE:To assess the efficacy of laparoscopic Surgery in the treatment of symptomatic simple renal cysts. Renal cysts are common in the adult population.METHODS:From April 2007 to July2009 ,11patients (7 males and 4 females) underwent laparoscopic decortications of symptomatic simple renal cysts with renal cyst wall excision and fulguration of the epithelial lining. Complex renal cysts were excluded. The Wong-Baker pain scale was used to assess the preoperative and postoperative pain scores. Radiologic success was indicated as no recurrence on the most recent computed tomography scan.RESULTS:Of the 11 procedures were completed laparoscopically , the mean operative time was 100 minutes (range 80 to 120). Symptomatic and radiographic success was achieved in 90.9% of patients, with a median follow-up of 12 months (range 6 to 18).CONCLUSION:Long-term follow-up has confirmed that laparoscopic cyst decortication is an effective and durable treatment option for symptomatic simple renal cysts during long-term follow-up. The greater and durable success rates of this minimally invasive technique may favor this treatment option over other treatment modalities.

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