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Measure and analyze the impact of the phenomenon of corruption in the educational level of Salahaddin University-Erbil for the academic year (2013/2014)
قياس و تحميل اثر ظاهرة الفساد في المستوى التعميمي لجامعة صلاح الدين أربيل


In this paper, the measurement and analysis of the most important factors affecting the phenomenon of corruption in the educational level of the University of Salahuddin in accordance with the use of inductive and analytical style by using multiple regression analysis, and have been validated hypotheses, and then come to a set of conclusions including:1. The results showed that the percentage (80.46%) of the teachers and students point to the existence of the phenomenon of corruption in the faculties of the University of Salahuddin, and this reinforces the existence of rampant corruption in this important and which had a negative impact on the educational level of the enterprise.The results showed that the causes of corruption in the university by the views of teachers and students surveyed due to the following reasons :( student organizations, political parties, the university administration, the employees corrupt).3. The results showed that there is a positive and significant relationship between the university corruption and low educational level, and which states that the increase in corruption, leading to increased low level of education in the University of Salahuddin.4. Search Results showed that there is a significant effect statistically significant corruption in its various dimensions on the level of education at the university and at all levels (scientific level of the students and professors and the university administration and the completion of scientific research))

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